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Mind and Body Golf makes an ideal golf gift!

Do you want to make the golfer in your life happy?

Are you stuck for that ideal Christams Gift?

Give a golf gift that will last a lifetime!

Do you know someone who would like to play better golf without spending endless hours on the practice ground? Mind and Body Golf can help golfers to improve their game without altering their swing!

Would you like the golfer in your life to enjoy their game every time they play regardless of how well they do? Well now you can help them with Mind and Body Golf!

Buy Mind & Body Golf 4CD audio boxed set

Do you play golf and would you like to get better without getting worse?

Have you ever wondered why the best shot you have ever played can be followed by the worst shot you’ve ever hit? Do you suffer from 1st tee nerves?

This 4 CD Audio Boxed Set is guaranteed to help you learn faster and perform better than you ever thought possible. So many golfers focus almost exclusively on their technique without ever considering any of the other factors that can influence what they do and how much they can achieve. How the mind works, the way you think, the language you use and the way it affects you, together with the way you sequence your actions to achieve your goals all contribute to the way you learn and perform. Profect Golf is dedicated to improving the way that golf is taught learnt and played.

The CDs give listeners an insight into what others factors can affect a players performance. The 1st Cd gives a background as to why the content is so important, the 2nd gives exercises that will help and the 3rd applies those tools into situations with which players are confronted. The last cd starts with examples of how I have helped some of my students using various accelerated techniques before asking listeners to embark on a powerful self awareness exercise.


CD 1
Track 1 Welcome – Who am I
Track 2 Introduction – Why these will Cds help
Track 3 Background – What determines performance
Track 4 Who Controls What – How we run our lives in patterns
Track 5 Theatre Of Your Mind – Controlling what you see, hear and feel internally
Track 6 Looking Back – Summary of the 1st CD

CD 2
Track 1 Welcome Back – Content
Track 2 What Do You Believe – Understanding limiting beliefs
Track 3 Are You In A State – Controlling you mind and body
Track 4 Breathings Good – 4 really useful breathing exercises
Track 5 Just Imagine – Imagery exercise
Track 6 Change Your State – How to alter your state
Track 7 Looking Back – What have you learned

CD 3
Track 1 Welcome Back – Content
Track 2 Your Success Steps – Four areas that can influence your game
Track 3 Just Relax – Relaxation exercise
Track 4 Preparation – What can you do before you play
Track 5 Through the Green – What can you do on the course
Track 6 On Reflection – What to do after you’ve played
Track 7 Growing In Confidence – Putting into practice
Track 8 Looking Back – What have you learnt

CD 4
Track 1 Welcome Back – Content
Track 2 Coaching Sessions – Real examples of lessons
Track 3 Pull Yourself Together – Powerful self awareness exercise
Track 4 In The Zone – Helping you get into a peak performance state
Track 5 Looking Forwards – What to do now

Warning – Listening to these CDs can seriously improve your golf!

To purchase this amazing set of 4 audio CD’s with over 4 hours of tuition click the link.

Buy Mind & Body Golf 4CD audio boxed set

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