Business & Golf

Business and Sport (Champion or Runner Up 1/2 day Seminar)

To demonstrate that businessmen and businesswomen can learn from sporting champions

What delegates will learn?
Delegates will learn what successful sportsmen and sportswomen have in common and how they can learn from their desire, dedication and discipline.

How they will benefit?
Delegates will leave more motivated than ever before. They will be more focused and have a determination and passion to succeed. Participants will discover that almost everything is possible.
Download Champion or Runner Up PDF

A Day of Change (1 day Seminar)

Who is it for?
This programme is designed for those who manage others (and Project managers) within a changing environment.

Golf is used to demonstrate the influence of change on individuals, teams and ultimately organisations.

What delegates will learn?
Delegates will learn how their beliefs and perceptions constantly control their actions. They will also become more aware of how external factors can influence the things they do.

How they will benefit?
Delegates will leave with greater self-awareness and awareness of others (essential for managing people and projects). They will understand how their actions influence individual, team and organisational performance. They will also be able to cope more effectively in a wide variety of situations and environments.

Download A Day of Change PDF

Coaching in Organisations (5 day Seminar)

Teaching, learning and assessment strategies will be used to enable outcomes to be achieved and demonstrated.

What delegates will learn?
The programme provides opportunities for students to achieve and demonstrate the importance of leadership and coaching. They will be able to apply the strategies and methods that they will learn. They will understand the need for reflection for the purposes of self development.

How they will benefit?
Delegates will to improve their performance and that of others. they will be able to identify dvelopment needs and organise and plan coaching activities which empowers individuals to enhance their learning performance and motivation.

Download Coaching in Organisations PDF

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